Trip to Norwich

OMG! I was supposed to upload this months ago and found it hovering in my drafts pile… *embarrassed*. Basically, this is a post about my trip to University of East Anglia in Norwich (18/03/2013). Enjoy compadres…

5 am. I have never woken up so early to catch a train. For some reason I have an incapability to ready myself before a specified time. I was only 7 minutes late coming out of my house today though. *celebration dance* Usually I am late by an hour, once I had a wedding to attend and I was nearly 2 hours late – yes am a sloth of the slow kind.

Never have I got off at Liverpool Street station (central line – for the stalkers among us). It is a pretty station (I am going to include a map below to show you my journey). To get to Norwich I had to take an East Anglia train which frankly looked a bit dingy. Everything has advanced in England but clearly the East Anglia trains were forgotten. You know its old when the white colour of the walls has discoloured to cream vanilla ice cream rolled in dirt. Seriously, where is the Mr Muscle? I wanted to give the back of the chair in front of me a good wipe.

I don’t know how these trains work, but I think I was being really anal by actually looking for my seat number and plopping my ass in the allocated seat. Majority of trains force you to share your journey time with other commuters. I’ve ended up next to a camp American and 2 British kids, who (I have gathered from their conversation) are doing their GCSEs. – No idea why they commute so far to their school and I never actually found out, one of life’s mysteries. I can fill you in on their innovative and insightful conversation. The girl Amanda has a crush on Josh, who also Facebook messages another girl. The other kid Ben tells her they have been on and off for ages and she should just go for it. Amanda was determined to kiss him if he comes on the train ┬á(He never did – for the romantics among us). The most eventful thing to happen during their conversation was Ben attempting to pop George’s (American guy) spot. – A true test of friendship. Also I have gathered from my 2 hour journey with them that Amanda fancies herself as a singer, although, her voice is somewhat pitch’ee she makes up for it with her boisterous confidence.

Fog is magical. There is something eerie and beautiful about it. I find that when looking through a fog you see very little, but I assume it’s because of my eyes rather than the dense air. The fog is very thick in the east. It’s like a blanket of cotton wool. There was a lot fog and greenery on the way to Norwich. Tres cool.

After 2 hours I got to Norwich station and met a wicked cab driver, who told me and showed me the highlights of Norwich. The castle, 2 cathedrals, underground mall (UNDERGROUND – who the hell has an underground mall obviously Norwich does. It was amazing) and the university. The driver even divulged in some family history, he explained that within the same cathedral he was a best man for his friend’s wedding and a coffin bearer for his father’s funeral. He explained the cathedrals were Roman catholic; they were very pretty and antique’ee.

Got to the conference in just about enough time and it was generally good. No problems. Met a few people. Didn’t make many friends though. Which in all honesty is surprising because am so bubbly. but today I didn’t feel like being a sociable butterfly.

Just like that a whole day had passed and my new acquaintances (2 Bengali guys who were surprised I was an East London Bengali girl who is a ‘independent woman’ trying to get more out of life – that made me giggle like a squirrel on weed) called me a cab to take me back to the station. My departure time was fast approaching and the cabbie played a game against time to get me to the station – it was like fast and furious but in England. The cabbie was a pessimist (adamant I wouldn’t make it on time) whilst I was an optimist (determined to get there), my optimistic nature must have rubbed off on him because towards the end of the journey he cracked a smile. We had a pleasant chat about himself mainly, he made me laugh and he thought he had a weird sense of humour. One line I remember from our conversation was ‘Now you be careful lady not to trip on your…. your … your thing, I mean your beautiful dress. The last thing I want is for you to get hurt.’ The people of Norwich are so nice, I assumed all white people outside of London would treat Asians and in particular Muslims in a strange manner but I was wrong. The cabbies name was David Combe and he lives in a cottage – my first encounter with a cottage person.

My path to Norwich...

My path to Norwich…

– “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo –┬á

Keep popping like cherryade,