Day 21-32 #100HappyDays

It’s been ages and I’ve been struggling to keep up with my work load. But hey I think you all deserve a little catch up.

Day 21:


Day 21

Finally I started working; it took me ages to get into this mode. Personally I find productivity makes me feel happy, as it gives me a purpose. This year I don’t have any coursework and its killing me. Feeling utterly bored, I am begging for someone to give me their essay to do.

Day 22:


Day 22

Those who follow my blog would have noticed my last post was a piece of writing I done. I felt the creative juice flowing so I decided to do a drawing.

Day 23:


Day 23

Coming home in the rain, I noticed the glistening pavement. It looked clean. Having had a stressful and long day, it was amazing to see how the simple rain washes away everything.

Day 24:


Day 24

Tube strikes were crazy, so didn’t risk leaving the house. Instead stayed in doors and did my nails. It’s very simple and easy to do. Just do a base coat of beige then do diagonal quick strokes in black to create the shape. I can do a picture tutorial if anyone wants. Just need enough requests.

Day 25:


Day 25

Rain. Going out? No way. Stayed in doors. This image is when I was working at Surrey County. It’s always nice to have a day at home doing absolutely nothing.

Day 26:


Day 26

There are a few girls at uni whom I always have a laugh with. Who knew constantly losing a game of cards would be so much fun?

Day 27:


Day 27

My little brother wanted something to eat, well a McFlurry. But it was too cooled so I got him these halal jelly beans.

Day 28:


Day 28

Little Miss Sunshine. In the picture above my little niece for the first time in 3 years decided to sit on my lap. She blushed as I blew kisses to her and squealed. Definitely a cutie and very polite. Masha’Allah. In all her innocence she is still young and very naughty.

Day 29:


Day 29

It made me happy to think about being in a position where nothing matters but making Allah happy. When you stop caring about the creation, all those insecurities, fears and peer approval disappear.

Day 30:


Day 30

The beauty of the moon is astounding. Clouds try to cover it’s beauty but it shines even brighter. Remember to take a moment to look at the beauty that surrounds us.

Day 31:


Day 31

This will probably be the only photo which is full face so enjoy. I was heading home after a 5 hour SEC specialist training and bumped into Emz. We both had a lot of work but when I mentioned Arab party and belly dancer, we soon found ourselves in her sporty Mini Cooper. Having not spent a lot of time with Emz, I found she was just too cool for school. She had a kitted out mini with a roaring engine. Loved it. Had a good time at the Arab Party even though I was not Arab. I always enjoy immersing myself in other cultures.

Day 32:


Day 32

Sisters session last night. Spent the whole day doing work with Vasundra, which surprising for both of us was very productive. Then ended the night with a meet up with Shorty. We girls had a good session of laughter and opening up. 

Am going away today but I shall try my best to keep up to date with my posts.

Warm honeysuckle,



Day 12 #100HappyDays


Found this absolutely hilarious take note boys. My brother shared his bounty with me today. Later on he asked me to drop bars (rap lines) about him having a bounty, this was the best I could come up with: “Havin’ my bounty, in another county”

Day 11 #100HappyDays


Last night was very eventful. I just about made it home and was able to get myself to the doctor. My head was killing me and sleeping was making it worse but all my body wanted to do was sleep – an internal war was occuring. I woke up at 5am and passed out. My Dad helped me get back into bed. To think I was considering going into work. I was sad and grumpy, until my little brother made me warm strawberry milkshake.

Day 9 #100HappyDays


How cute is this bottle? The size and cuteness of the bottle was not the reason behind my happiness it was the conversation that followed. My friend was telling me about her essay entitled ‘Alcohol without the hangover’. She then said this particular bottle is the alcohol without the hangover as an prominent ISOC (Islamic society) brother walked in. The brother had a beard and a thobe – he was of the serious kind.

Day 8 #100HappyDays


It has been the longest day of my life. First, I was still in Southampton by Sunday night and I only drifted off to sleep around 2am, when I knew I had a practical at 9am!

Have you ever half slept? When your body is asleep (immobile) but your brain is active. I had one of those sleeps. But imagine it smothered in tiredness, therefore you end up zoning in and out of deep sleep state. My sleep ended up being a nap as I woke up after 3 hours and 30 minutes. Maneuvering out of bed, avoiding the furtinure in the dark as to avoid making any noise which will constitute to waking up someone in the house, I braved the harsh cold of the house. Before I left, I tucked my brother in and gave him a kiss on his forehead. As I was just about to leave he said ‘How can you just leave like that without giving me a hug?’. My heart melted and I smiled my first smile of the day.

Travelling at dawn is beautiful, I got the chance to see the light creep up and steal the darkness of the night with the silhouette of bare trees. Admiring the beauty of nature I recalled reading an ayaat (translation: a sentence in the Quran) which stated ‘He who created the heavens and the earth…’. This ayaat was the best description for the beauty my eyes witnessed – no camera could capture it.

After labs and uni duties were over I headed over to the graduation ceremony to start my shift. I had a good shift as my lecturers were present and I knew a few of the graduates. Also had the opportunity to see the varying emotions stretched over a number of the graduates. Many were happy, relieved, proud and excited. The day had it’s barrel of laughter. One in particular was when the supervisor lifted their grown after I called them Batman (Refer to picture).

My shift finished at 7:30 by which all trains to Waterloo decided to be delayed or cancelled. I didn’t get on the train till 8:20. I thought it couldn’t get worse until I started feeling ill on the train and had to get off at earlsfield. I couldn’t wait for the next train so had to think of a new route. I then started feeling dizzy and tripped on the stairs in the tube station – Embarassing- I know. So my day turned a bit crappy until I saw a man with a Stalin moustache smiling.

Day 6 #100HappyDays


Last time I visited my aunt’s house I promise to bake some brownies. There was no baking tray, so brownies became a cake. With the assistance of my bhabi (sister-in-law) we baked a double chocolate cake with Asian twist. We had no recipe or measuring equipment so we improvised. Taste test proved it was the right mix and everyone thought it was delicious.

Day 4 #100HappyDays


Spending time with my little brother and being his positive influence makes me happy inside. But today’s defining moment was the conversation that took place between him and mum.

Mum: You know back home, chickens have their hair cut short on the side and have some hair left on top.

Bro: Yh the red stuff

Mum: *whilst looking at his hair* Yh some boys now day get the same haircut as a chicken.

Me: Mum called you a chicken hahahahaha. Well done mum you cussed him. Respect.

The best bit was the massive smile on my mum’s face knowing she had done something funny and smart. Love her.