5K Run

Day 1:

19/09/12 – Today was tough I have no stamina or endurance. Started off the day doing a few push ups and squats – toughening up the muscles! 😉 I can run for about 3 minutes then am dying and feeling my insides are falling apart. Am doing a combination of running and walking.. roughly 3 minute run with 30 seconds of walking, I did that for 20 minutes before I caved – My muscles were killing me. I felt the most horrible feeling in my stomach whilst running like my stomach was in knots and I got light-headed after running for 10 minutes. Starting to wonder if this 5 K thing is a good idea?

Diet wasn’t that good either I had 2 penguin bars 😦 – Don’t judge me they looked so appealing. Haven’t ate much today but what I did eat had a high content of fat and calories. Watched ‘The Food Hospital’ on Channel 4 and apparently beetroot is good for building endurance and stamina – So hello beetroot.

Day 2-3:

20-21/09/12 – My second day was rubbish, I ate junk and did nothing… it’s so sad my body hates me. Went running today and used motivational speeches whilst running to make me run for longer. such as ‘humans have unlimited potential and it just needs to be tapped into’. I enjoyed running today it felt good and I made a salad today – yay healthy meal!

Day 3-4:

22-23/09/12 – Had work on Saturday so I did very little and didn’t eat much through the day until the evening when I became a monster and devoured everything in sight. – I really need to control myself. O boy I loved my run in the morning, I did 2 km in 15 minutes – New best :D. Also, I felt at such ease whilst running it wasn’t excruciatingly difficult on the body.

Day 5:

24/09/12 – Had basketball trials today unfortunately didn’t make the team but I am totally wiped. Am surprised by my endurance level, I can now climb stairs without getting breathless at train stations 😀

Day 6-11:

25-30/09/12 – Gosh this week has been a blur haven’t been feeling to well so wasn’t able to run for 3 days. Started running again and oh mu I did something I thought I would never be able to do I ran 1 km without any walking today and did 3 laps. Can’t wait for my next training session.


OMG – I have been so overrun with crazy number of things to do i just havent had time to blog. But guess what people I did it! I ran like no tomorrow with my little brother cheering me on :D. Raised £60 and did the 5K in 3o minutes. Thank you to everyone that supported me and donated :). x


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